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It's about time (so to speak)!

When your only option is to write, you write.  Worked wonderfully for J. K. Rowling, didn't it?
But that's not my story (pun intended).
I worked a normal job all my life, from high school to my retirement in 2015. But in 2005 I decided it was time to set the tales of Ardwel down on paper (or on the computer screen), and get these stories I've carried for thirty years out of my head.  So I wouldn't go... out of my head.  Actually it may have been too late.  
So in thirteen years I wrote six novels and three compendiums, with four more companion pieces planned.  Yeah, well, we all need a hobby, right?  
You want blood and guts, we got it.  
You want romance and hot sex, we got it.  
You want moral dilemmas and hard choices, we got those, too.  
But mostly we have great adventures, flawed heroes, and bad guys you just love to hate.
With your shield or on it, as the saying goes.
Don't give me that "have a nice day" stuff; give me a Red Day.
And that picture on the left; that's me with one of my favorite lady friends.  It's nice to have someone around you can go a little nuts with once in a while.


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