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A land forged from the fires of strife, blood of heroes, and touch of the gods. 
Where deeds of great valor, vile evils, and blazing passions intertwine to shape the course of elven and human history within.

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Secret Fire

Sheynon Calidriil, elven wanderer and thief.  Shipwrecked on an island south of the land of Ardwel with three strangers and no way home.  Yet legends are born in strange ways, and the saga of Calidriil is about to begin. 
Befriended by the human Shiva Lahai, a priest of the Rising Star, Sheynon’s path leads him to intrigue and romance with a half-elf woman holding secrets of her own.
In all the land, adventurers seek to carve their names into history, yet some do so without knowledge of their own destiny, and the greatest fortress ever known is not a castle or a city, but a child’s toy, unknown to all, save one elf who learns the secret of generations past, and the blood spilled to gain its powers.

DWoA Kindle Cover.jpg
Dark Way of Anger

An untested mage, a fledgling Champion, and a young priest in the midst of a crisis of faith... banding together to search for Crysalon, the demi-god destined to become the ruler of Ardwel, kidnapped on his fifth birthday and never seen again. Ysilrod Calidriil, Audrey Vincent, and Thalion Lahai; how will they find and return Crysalon to his people and the land?  Or will they find him changed, corrupted, or departed of the mortal world, never to be found?  The answers will not come easily and each will have its price.

Who will live, who will die, and will Crysalon be found alive?
SotSS Kindle Cover.jpg
Secrets of the Second Sun

Beyond the search for the mysterious “Blue Mountain”, the dangers found in Argonnian Castle and the brothers there within, comes a tale of the time when gods were mortal and betrayal shook the land.  Once more the families Calidriil, Lahai, and Vincent join forces to purge the land of evil. Sheynon and Audrey, with the warrior-monk Daeron Foxxe and travelers from Audrey’s homeland, stumble upon a secret old as the mountains of the north and more dangerous than any foe ever fought.

KW Kindle Cover.jpg
Kaanan's Way

The Shadow Horde ruled the sands. Who will be the savior of the Kingdom of the Sun, and can Sheynon Calidriil and Audrey Vincent break the stranglehold upon the land?

As Audrey is targeted by assassins, an ancient enemy of elves and men, not seen for years, becomes a player.

How will Audrey’s task be viewed by her own religious leaders?

Will she be cast out, though her mission is to save the land?

BS Kindle Cover.jpg
Blood Secret

Kaul was but a mongrel. Born of a dark elf father and half-breed slave mother, there was little place for him in the land of Ardwel. While seeking allies in a world of enemies, he came upon two women; one young and brash, filled with passion to carve her name in Ardwel’s earth. Her name was Aeren Grey, protégé of Audrey Vincent, Baroness and ruler in the Kingdom of the Sun.

The other, Reena, a dark elf enchantress. But Reena held a secret of her own that soon would shake the very core of Elvenkind.

What would his Drow and Orcish blood conspire to, given the chance to win a city and its fortunes?

BbB Kindle Cover.jpg
Breath by Breath

The Powers that Were are gone, and in their place, Anarchy and Chaos seek to rule the land of Ardwel. Calidriil and Lahai, families of great renown, warned of this, those many years ago.

With the land of Drow leaderless, will the Great Houses fall to war within their own kind?

Where is Archane, the Dark Princess, missing now for so many years?

And as the murderess Mors’ul’jyn remains at large, an unlikely alliance must be forged, to save the land from havoc.

What will be the price, to keep the land from falling into ruin?

Blades of Alliance: The Thirteen Swords of Power

The First Compendium

Allied with Good and Evil, Order and Chaos, wielded by those who have carved their names into Ardwel’s history with bloody deed, these are the swords around which the tales are told.

But from whence came these weapons, to demand such courage, ability, and alliance of the souls or spirits with whom they join?

Forged by gods or mortals, they hold our eye as we hear the stories of how they came into the hands of those who wield them now.


Champions: The Heroes of Ardwel

The Second Compendium

They rose from simple thieves, or students of the Arcane, or once upon a time they were farmers’ daughters in their youth. Yet they became so much more, and made their marks upon the land with deeds of valor, courage, and bravery as Ardwel had never seen.

Stories told around campfires late at night, or in halls before a roaring fire, cups lifted in salute and admiration, they lived and fought through times of war and quest, violence and heartache, carving out the history of Ardwel in its prime.


Mother Darkness: The Dark Elves in Ardwel

The Third Compendium

For more years than could be counted, the Drow were held away from Ardwel. Then it seemed the Dark Moon rose and they were everywhere.


​Herein is the story of those paramount to the rising of the Race, and the sacrifices made to gain a foothold within the land of elves and men.



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